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  • Our Maths department are now on Twitter. Follow them for department news and daily festive advent calendar maths problems 2nd Dec, 2020
  • Sixth Form Open Evening (Virtual) November 25th & 26th 2020 Read more 1st Dec, 2020
  • 🌟| COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHT Tom Brewin, leader of CREATE Education Hub 3D prints Mini Secchi device to identify marine pollution with Read more 27th Nov, 2020
  • Sixth Form Open Evening (Virtual) November 25th & 26th 2020 Read more 25th Nov, 2020
  • Streamers and influencers can leave a significant impression on children and, with the possibility of more screen time during lockdown, their sway could be accentuated. What do trusted adults need to know? Our latest blog feature explains more >> Read more Read more 23rd Nov, 2020
  • Throw back Thursday - a huge shoutout to the companies that sponsored us last year, allowing us to get kits for rugby, football and hockey! Thank you so much Read more 19th Nov, 2020
  • As we are currently not running Expeditions this year, your son/daughter is still eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement (CoA). As long as they can safely complete the Skill, Physical and Volunteering sections within current government guidelines! Read more 15th Nov, 2020
  • A2 Biologists getting in some coveted lab time this week, determining the effect of IAA concentration on root growth. Some excellent results and presentation of data - you are inspirations to younger scientists! Read more 14th Nov, 2020
  • Shakespeare for Schools - The Tempest Read more 11th Nov, 2020
  • 4th December 2020 Year 10 Christmas Carol Trip
  • 7th December 2020 Year 7, 8 & 9 ALT & YR9 Baseline, WA & AEB deadline
  • 7th December 2020 Year 10 ATL, WA & projected deadline
  • 7th December 2020 Year 12 & 13 ATL, WA and projected deadline
  • 8th December 2020 Year 12 Parents Evening (Email)
  • 8th December 2020 Governors Meeting - AGM
  • 9th December 2020 Year 12 Parents Evening (Email)
  • 10th December 2020 Joint HoH Meeting
  • 14th December 2020 Year 11 ATL, WA, projected and exam grade deadline
  • 16th December 2020 Christmas Concert (Virtual)
  • 17th December 2020 Christmas Concert (Virtual)
  • 18th December 2020 Term 2 ends
  • 18th February 2021 Computing Trip to USA
  • 24th February 2021 HPV Vaccinations Year 8 Boys and Girls
  • 25th February 2021 HPV vaccinations Year 9 Boys and Girls