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Staff List

Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs D Liddicoat

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs K Parkins (Upper)

Deputy Headteacher: Mr C Goodwin (Lower)

Head of 6th Form: Mr C Lowis

Assistant Headteacher: Mr C Bowman (Science, Staff Inset/CPD programme)

Assistant Headteacher: Mr T Richford (Achievement, Behaviour & Wellbeing)



Middle Leaders

Senior Tutor - Lower School: Ms L Harris

Senior Tutor - Upper School: Mrs L Clements

6th Form Assistant Headteachers:  Miss K Jebbett and Mr S Wakefield 


Heads of House

Knight-Heath: Lower - Mrs A Gibbons (Music), Upper - Mr A Haywood (English, Media Studies)

Mann-Somerville: Lower - Mr W Ferguson (Maths), Upper - Mr A Taylor (DT)

Rothschild-Pearce: Lower - Mrs K Rockall (Sport & PE), Upper - Mrs F Shuttle (Maths)

Thomas-Sharman: Lower - Mrs V Cackett (English, Theatre Studies, Media Studies), Upper - Mr A Harris (English)


Other Roles

Admissions Registrar: Mrs S Hurrell

Attendance Officer: Mrs C Bowrage 

Business Manager: Mr C Freeman

Careers & Guidance Manager: Mrs L Clements

Exams Manager: Mrs G Uzzell 

Finance Manager: Mrs S Fenton

Headteacher's PA: Mrs T McMaster 

SENCo: Mrs S Fowles

Vocational Pathway Coordinator: Miss K Jebbett (PE, 6th Form Assistant Headteacher)


Teaching Staff

Mr M Adelsberg (ICT)

Mr N Argyrides (PE)

Mr M Ashdown (Head of Art)

Mrs C Atkins (2nd i/c Maths)

Mrs H Atkinson (English)

Miss J Barnes (History)

Mrs E Barton (Science)

Mr C Bowman (Science, Assistant Headteacher)

Mr T Brewin (Head of Design Technology)

Mrs F Bridger (KS3 Maths Coordinator)

Mr G Brooks (Head of Physics)

Mr C Burke (Maths)

Mrs V Cackett (English, Theatre Studies, Media Studies, Head of Lower Thomas-Sharman House - Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Mr A Cartland (Business Studies, Leisure & Rec)

Mrs N Cartland (Sociology, Health & Social Care)

Mrs J Clark (Sport & PE)

Ms E Cook (Head of Psychology & Sociology)

Mr C Cooper (Science)

Miss S Cracknell (Food Technology)

Ms M Cullen (Head of Science)

Mr J Dudley (Geography)

Mr W Ferguson (Maths, Head of Lower Mann-Somerville House)

Mr L Fountain (Second in charge for English (KS4 and Head of Film & Media), Gifted & Talented Coordinator)

Mrs S Fowles (Geography, SENCo)

Mrs A Gibbons (Music, Head of Lower Knight-Heath House)

Mrs J Gibbons (English)

Mr O Gibbons (Music Technology)

Mr C Goodwin (Sport & PE, Deputy Headteacher - Lower)

Mrs M Gregory (English)

Miss K Greig (History)

Miss R Griffiths (Languages)

Mr P Halfpenny (Science)

Mr R Hallett (Science)

Mrs A Harris (English)

Mr A Harris (English, Head of Upper Thomas-Sharman House)

Mr A Haywood (English, Media Studies, Head of Upper Knight-Heath House)

Miss L Heard (Head of Biology)

Mrs V Henson (MFL)

Ms M Hollman (Head of Music)

Mrs M Holman (In charge KS3 Languages)

Ms A Howell (Science)

Mrs C Hudson (Economics)

Mrs K Jebbett (Head of Health & Social Care, 6th Form Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs S Jeffrey (Maths, Primary Liaison Coordinator, BRESIC Coordinator, School Lay Chaplain)

Mr B Kelly (DT, Head of Lower Thomas-Sharman House - Tues only)

Mr N Kelly (Second in English)

Mrs A Kemp (Head of Business Studies & Economics)

Ms D Kudinova (MFL)

Mr J Laven (Art)

Mrs D Liddicoat (Headteacher)

Mr M Liddicoat (RS)

Mr C Lowis (RE, Head of 6th Form)

Ms A Lubi (Maths)

Mr A Mair (DT)

Mrs A March (Head of Geography)

Mrs C Marsh (Head of Chemistry)

Mr A Mayo (Humanities)

Ms R McNulty (Science)

Mrs L Morgan (Head of PE)

Ms C Motte (Languages)

Mr K Newport (RS)

Mr A Newton (Art)

Ms A Nicholas (Science)

Ms C Norman (Sociology, Head of Health & Social Care)

Mrs K Parkins (Science, Timetabler, Deputy Headteacher)

Mr D Potter (Head of History)

Mr R Potter (English)

Mrs T Reeves (English)

Ms S Riches (MFL Teacher)

Mr T Richford (PE, Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs K Rockall (Sport & PE, Head of Lower Rothschild-Pearce House)

Mr J Scarlett (Science)

Mrs F Shuttle (Maths, Head of Upper Rothschild-Pearce)

Mr A Smith (Drama)

Ms L Smith (Science)

Mrs S Sonnen (Head of Maths)

Mrs N Sotiri (MFL)

Mrs A Spencer (Computer Science)

Dr E Spencer (Science)

Mrs M Stoner (Geography)

Mr A Sutton-Jones (Head of RS)

Mrs M Sutton-Jones (Head of English)

Mr A Taylor (DT, Head of Upper Mann-Somerville House )

Ms S Thelliez (MFL)

Mr A Timms (Technology, Art)

Ms C Tonkin Jukes (Psychology)

Mr A Topping (Geography, DoE Coordinator)

Mr S Wakefield (Sociology, 6th Form Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs S Walters (Head of Languages)

Mr A Wass (Science)

Mr J Welch (Maths, Timetabling)

Mr M Wilks (Humanities)

Mr D Wood (Politics/History)

Mr G Wooldridge (Second i/c of Sports & PE)

Mrs E Wright (Head of Computer Science)


Support Staff

Mr M Baker-Milner (Catering Operations Manager/Payroll Manager)

Mrs L Bates (Midday Supervisor)

Mrs C Bell (Senior Science Technician)

Mrs C Bowrage (Attendance Officer)

Mrs C Burton (Midday Supervisor)

Mr S Burton (Premises Manager)

Mr Rs Clements (IT Technician)

Mr Rn Clements (Midday Supervisor)

Mr B Collyer (Premises Team)

Mr C Crowther (Network Manager)

Mrs P Davey (Administrative Officer)

Miss J Denton (Midday Supervisor)

Mrs A Douglas (First Aid Coordinator)

Ms J Downton (Learning Mentor)

Mr J Edwards (Premises Team)

Ms T Ellerington (Senior Science Technician)

Mr J Fenton (Learning Mentor)

Mrs S Fenton (Finance Manager)

Mr C Freeman (Business Manager)

Mrs C Futter (Learning Mentor)

Mr C Girdler (Assistant Network Manager)

Miss K Godfrey (Receptionist/Administrative Assistant)

Ms L Harris (Senior Tutor - Lower)

Mr A Hartley (Cover Supervisor)

Mr B Hawkins (Premises Team)

Mrs V Hermitage (Science Technician)

Mrs R Hewett (Cover Manager & EVC)

Ms K Hignett (6th Form Manager)

Mrs D Horlick (Data Manager)

Mrs S Hurrell (Admissions Registrar)

Mrs K Hutchings - (Assistant SENCo)

Miss K Jacobs (Cover Supervisor)

Mr A Keeler (Premises Team)

Mrs P Kelly (Science Technician)

Mrs A Leonard (Finance Officer)

Mrs Z Major (Midday Supervisor)

Mrs T McMaster (Headteacher's PA)

Ms S Mhanna (Academic Mentor)

Mrs B Moyna (Finance Officer)

Mrs L Myhill (Librarian)

Mrs C Newby (KS4 Administrative Officer)

Miss E Parkes (6th Form Administrative Assistant)

Mr K Pearce (Premises Team)

Mrs M Phillips (6th Form Administrative Assistant)

Miss C Richards (Learning Mentor)

Mrs V Rimmer (Cover Supervisor)

Mrs D Slevin (Learning Mentor)

Mr D Smith (Cover Supervisor)

Mr J Spain (Design Technology Technician)

Mr K Stallan (CCF Instructor)

Mrs M Sykes (Midday Supervisor)

Miss L Thomas (Learning Mentor)

Miss S Tilley (Food Technology Technician)

Mrs G Uzzell (Exams Manager)

Mr H Walker (IT Technician)

Mrs S Ward (Cover Supervisor)

Mr R Watts (Administrative Assistant)

Mr D Weller (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs L Wells-Gamble (KS3 Pastoral Mentor)