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Our Curriculum

Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School will provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all which is: ambitious, creative, inspiring and challenges and safeguards all students to become:

  • Resilient and independent learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • Positive and confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Responsible citizens who make a socially and economically positive contribution to society
  • Well rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century

Key Stage 3 (Yr7 – 9 on the Chatham House site)

KS3 Curriculum

The intent of the KS3 curriculum at CCGS is to offer a broad, diverse range of opportunities for all students. We offer a wide range of subjects across the three-year programme which includes strong Ebacc and creative elements. Our curriculum encourages and supports personal and social development, offering varied experiences inside and outside of the classroom setting as a mechanism to promote cultural capital and social mobility.

Our KS3 curriculum aims are:

  • To provide a foundation of learning experiences and skills which facilitates appropriate, guided learning pathways within KS4 and 5.
  • To offer all students access to a wide range of opportunities, subjects and experiences which support the acquisition of knowledge, understanding and skills within their own educational journey.
  • To offer a curriculum which enables students to become life-long learners; developing their ability to embed processes, build perseverance, autonomy and mastery within their learning.

Within KS3, all students study in single sex classes with some ability setting across the key stage in Mathematics and within the Year 9 Science syllabus. All students study English, Mathematics, Science, Design & Food Technology, Geography, History, Art, Computer Science, Physical Education & Games, Religious Studies, Music, Drama and PSHE. In Year 7, all students study French and in Year 8 and 9 students study French and Spanish.

Key Stage 4 (Y10 & 11 on the Clarendon House site)

KS4 Curriculum

At GCSE, students continue to follow a broad, balanced and diverse curriculum over a two-year programme, that prepares them for their chosen post-16 pathway - either A levels, further education and/or employment.

Our KS4 curriculum aims are: -  

  • To develop a deep and rich subject knowledge, that has been established across key stage 3, by immersing students in their subjects and challenging them to think deeply,
  • To enable students to develop skills and learning habitats such as perseverance, autonomy and mastery so that they are fully prepared for further study, the world of work and to become active citizens who make a positive contribution to society,
  • To encourage all students to learn by taking risks and trying out new things whilst making the most of the opportunities offered to them in order to become fully rounded individuals.

The majority of students will be working towards nine or ten GCSEs.
All students take a minimum of five core subjects, which are taught in single sex classes and operate some setting by ability –

English Language and Literature,

Mathematics, with top set Math students also studying a Level 2 qualification in Further Math,

Science, either Double Award Science or three Separate Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

Students are then able to choose four other subjects which must include a Language (French or Spanish) and a Humanity (Geography, History or RS).  In order to encourage students to follow a broad and balanced curriculum, we strongly recommend that students choose a creative subject as their 3rd option.  The 4th subject is therefore a free choice for students (see GCSE Options page for more information). In addition to this, all students have one games lesson per week.

Students are also exposed to a wide, rich set of curriculum experiences outside of the classroom so that they are equipped with the cultural capital that they need to succeed in life. Such experiences include Health and Well-being days, Careers information and visits to Universities, Theatres and Art Galleries.

6th Form – (CCVi)

After GCSEs, the choice of Level 3 courses is considerable. Advice and guidance are vital for students to achieve their absolute best. We have an excellent team offering advice and guidance who will endeavour to give each student a bespoke service throughout their time in the Sixth Form.

We offer a wide range of traditional academic subjects at A-level and also carefully selected vocational courses. (see online prospectus)

Our aims:

  • To provide an academic curriculum which inspires, challenges and is appropriate for each student in its range and demands,
  • To encourage and develop academic skills of increasingly independent study, research and thought, facilitated by an ambitious and creative curriculum that builds on previous learning,
  • To enhance wider personal skills to allow a confident entry into higher education / advanced apprenticeships/ careers, and to create adaptability and resilience befitting the realities of working life in the 21st century,
  • To encourage pupils to consider and discuss issues relevant to them as they move into adulthood, and participation in the full range of rights and responsibilities as citizens.

We will also be creating an exciting enrichment programme for all Sixth Formers, to develop study skills, to provide opportunities for academic extension through the EPQ programme and to give time for broader engagement and individual development through entrepreneurship, community service, teamwork, sporting programmes and presentation projects, lectures and age-appropriate Personal, Social, Health and Religious Education.