British Biology Olympiad 2021

24th June 2021

In March 2021, seven pupils from Years 12 and 13 participated in the annual British Biology Olympiad. The pupils had to complete two 45-minute multiple-choice exams online, which covered a wide range of Biological topics and concepts. Some of the content had been taught in school, however there were a large number of questions related to information outside of the A-level Biology specification. The pupils were tested on their recall, analysis, and evaluation skills across many areas of Biology.
The pupils had to be invigilated in a slightly different way this year compared to previous years due to the restrictions associated with lockdown- via Microsoft Teams, the pupils shared their screens with the invigilator and completed the tests at home under timed conditions.
A fantastic set of results were obtained:
Divya Agrawal (Year 13) achieved a Gold award- only 5% of all participants in the country achieved this!
Tamzin Clark (Year 12) achieved a Silver award- only 10% of all participants in the country achieved this!
Jack Stearn (Year 13) and Helen Sunny (Year 12) both achieved a Highly Commended award- only 25% of all participants in the country achieved this!
Sophia Richardson (Year 12) achieved a Commended award, with Kasmeda Sivakamaran and Amber Bathurst (both Year 12) achieving a Participation award.
A huge WELL DONE to all who took part!

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