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Student Wins Prestigious Essay Competition

30th March 2021

Sixth form student, Rohit Antonygnaneswaran has just won a prestigious science essay competition run by the University of Oxford.

 Oxsci magazine, who reported on the competition which is judged by lecturers/professors reported, "This is a fantastic achievement and is extremely impressive to have going into University applications, particularly when there have been so many essay submissions for the competition this time.
We really enjoyed reading Rohit's excellent submission: A levitating Frog and Scotch Tape. This passed with flying colours in each of the 5 rounds of assessment and was favourited by the judges."

Rohit said,

"I found out about the Oxford Scientist Essay competition while I was doing some research for a piece of chemistry homework and was intrigued by the topic of ‘creativity in science’. I remembered reading about a scientist who isolated graphene using sticky tape so decided to research further into the matter and see why he used this unconventional method. Upon further reading I found this scientist had conducted many unusual experiments as part of his research, and I decided my essay would be about his work. This was my first attempt at such a competition, so I was very happy to find out my entry had won first place in the country."

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