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Shakespeare for Schools - The Tempest

11th November 2020

Life has been a little… difficult & different lately… and, stuck in our no-mixing year bubbles, school has been all about lessons... and lessons… oh, and lessons… Ok, so maybe that’s what school should be about, but usually, at CCGS, we are able to participate in far, far more.

So… a group of us were thrilled when we worked out a way of still participating in this year’s Shakespeare for Schools Festival. We had decided to perform “The Tempest” and had already cast it, during lockdown 1, after the students had auditioned by video.

Each year-group had only a couple of rehearsals before we filmed their sections, and had to come fully prepared; understanding their character, knowing all their lines, and having an idea as to costume. Our acting space was small with limited lighting, and we had to be careful with props (contact) etc… so it was all a real challenge.

But… CCGS students are THE BEST, and triumphed over all the odds. They were committed and enthusiastic, and we even finished filming earlier than planned!

None of this could have been achieved without the extraordinary talent and dedication of year 13 student Lewis Yates who filmed and edited the entire production. He must know the play better than anyone now!

We are really excited and proud to present this completed artistic creative production to you, and hope that you will not only enjoy our venture, but also understand the huge lift this has given us all at this time.

The video can be viewed live here on the 20th November at 7pm

Mrs Gregory and Mrs Myhill, co-directors

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