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16-19 Bursary Fund

If you are a student in Year 12 or 13 you can make an application to receive an award from this fund.

The school is given a sum for the Bursary fund each year by the EFSA. The amount of Bursary awarded to each student will depend upon the sum given to the school and the total number of successful applicants.

To be eligible to receive an award from the Bursary a student must be at least 16 and under 19 years of age on 31st August in the academic year in which they start their programme of study. Students must satisfy EFSA residency criteria.

Any student who is living in care or is a care leaver can apply for the Vulnerable Bursary. This is also available for students who receive Income Support, or Universal Credit, because they are financially supporting themselves or financially supporting themselves and someone who is dependent on them and living with them, such as a child or partner, and also students who receive both Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments in their own right as well as Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit in their own right

All other students can apply for The Discretionary Bursary and criteria are as follows:

1. Students who are eligible for Free School Meals (these students have priority)

If money remains in the fund after category 1 has been awarded applications for category 2 will be considered

2. Students not receiving FSM but who live, on a permanent basis, in a household that is in receipt of means tested benefits

Evidence for this award is by the following documents for the previous tax year:

· Tax Credit/Universal Credit Award Notice if employed

· evidence of income related benefits from Dept of Work and Pensions

· letter from Jobcentre Plus confirming benefits received.

The number of dependent children within the household may also be taken into account.

3. Students who face extreme, or unexpected, financial hardship.

These awards may be made to students, at any point in the school year, who find that their circumstances, or those of their parents, have changed after the initial Bursary application procedure takes place.

Payments for this category will be dependent on monies remaining in the school Bursary Fund for the current year.

Priority for Bursary awards is payment towards travel to school but can also include things such as: books, stationery, school dress code, school trips, university visits or interviews, UCAS applications, payments for meals from CCVI cafeteria (if not receiving FSM). Other requests will be considered by the Awarding Panel. Please note monetary awards are not usually made.

Closing date for application is 24th September 2021

The first priority call on the Bursary Fund is for students receiving Free School Meals. If you think you may be entitled please check on the KCC website and make your application ASAP. (If FSM were received in Year 11 a new application must be made)


16-19 Bursary and Travel

Information for students who think that they will be eligible for the Bursary and need to travel to school by bus or train.

If a Bursary student travels to school by bus or train priority must be given from their Bursary Award to the purchase of appropriate travel.

If a student will be travelling to school by bus, a Kent 16+ Travel Saver can be purchased by the student and on award of the Bursary a refund for what has been spent on this to date will be made. After this the balance for the cost of the ticket will be made in two payments – one at the end of October and one in January. Payment will be by BACs or cheque to the student.

Train tickets cannot be purchased by the school on behalf of a student and on award of the Bursary a refund for what has been spent on this to date will be made. After this payments will be made at the end of October to purchase ticket for Term 2, the end of December for Terms 3 & 4, and end of March for Terms 5 & 6. Payment will be by BACs transfer, or cheque, to the student.

Tickets should be retained for travel in Term 1 in order to claim a refund, once the Bursary has been awarded to a student.

If a student has insufficient funds to buy tickets to travel in advance please speak to the Sixth Form Manager