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Extra Curricular

Extracurricular sport is a key part of school life and one which the PE department is fully involved. There are extracurricular clubs in a whole variety of sports which allows us to continue to compete at a high level and continue to excel in sports such as rugby, football, hockey, netball and cricket.

For many years the sports teams produced by the school have always been a very important aspect for the department, with years 7-10 having induvial year group teams in their sports and then a 1st and second team to represent the school built from the years 11-13. All these sides continue to play in competitive fixtures all around the county, including leagues, tournaments and cups that are held.

All sporting fixtures are played at the Chatham House School site – CT11 7PS

Clubs are advertised and listed within school and changed termly. Students are encouraged to seek a member of staff if they wish to gain further information.

For up to date fixtures, results, pictures and information from the department please see our department social media (twitter/Instagram) page:


CCGS_PE_DEPT (Instagram)

External Club Links:

Thanet Wanderers Rugby Club: http://www.thanetwanderers.co.uk/

Cliftonville Hockey Club: http://cliftonville-hockey.co.uk/

Canterbury Junior Hockey Club: http://www.cjhc.btck.co.uk/

Ramsgate Football Club: http://www.ramsgate-fc.co.uk/

Margate Football Club: http://www.margate-fc.com/content/frontpage.php

Herne Bay Youth FC: http://www.hernebayyouth.co.uk/

Nelson Cricket Club: http://nelsoncc.play-cricket.com/home/home.asp

Broadstairs Cricket Club: http://broadstairs.play-cricket.com/

Thanet Swim Club: https://thanetsc.org/