• computing4


Year 12

Topic areas covered in course include the following:

Data, information and knowledge
The value and importance of information
Quality of information
Validation and verification
Capabilities and limitations of ICT

Uses of ICT in: Business/Education/Health/Home

Presenting information
Human computer interface (HCI)
Social issues
Database systems

Spreadsheet modelling:

  • You will learn advanced spreadsheet skills
  • You will create a spreadsheet model which you will use to answer exam questions

30% (IT1) 2 hours 15 minutes Written Paper 80 marks (120 UMS)
20% (IT2) Internal Assessment 80 marks (80 UMS)

Year 13 Theory: Use and Impact of ICT

30% (IT3) 2 hours 30 minutes Written Paper 90 marks (120 UMS)

Topic areas covered in course include the following:

  • Networks
  • The internet
  • Human computer interface (HCI)
  • Working with ICT
  • ICT security policies
  • Database systems
  • Management of change
  • Management information systems (MIS)
  • System development life cycle (SDLC)


Year 13 Practical : Databases

20% (IT4) Internal Assessment 100 marks (80 UMS)

When undertaking this unit candidates should be able to:

  • discover how a structured database could be used in an organisation
  • understand data types and formats
  • discover how data is captured and prepared for use in a relational database
  • understand validation techniques to minimise errors
  • learn and apply the principles of normalisation of data with respect to relational database design
  • design, implement and test a relational database to meet a  specification
  • produce user documentation
  • develop good practice in their use of ICT
  • be able to evaluate their design