Thanet Earth

We have a strong link with Thanet Earth and KS3 students have the opportunity to enter their annual competition, which our students have entered and won in the last two years.

Here is an archive of some of our entries:

May 2016 - Our students were highly commended by the judges with their efforts in making their cucumber sweet creations in the final on Wednesday 18th May and they achieved respectable 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. [link to full article]

July 2015 - The winner of the Thanet Earth competition, Elizabeth Baker, was invited to formally present her recipes for her cucumber and mint ice cream, to the Tesco store at Westwood Cross [link to full article]

May 2015 - A number of students visited East Kent College last week for the Thanet Earth baking competition. They all worked extremely hard, were cool as cucumbers (excuse the pun) and produced stunning designs [link to full article]

June 2014 - If you shop in Tesco stores, look out for the winning cupcake recipe cards [link to full article]

May 2014 - Three pupils were chosen as entrants to the finals of the Thanet Earth Cooking Competition. Their task was to think of a recipe idea that included some of the produce grown at Thanet Earth, (cucumbers, peppers or tomatoes) [link to full article]


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