• FoodTech2


Year 7-9

In KS3 we start with basic and safe cooking/knife skills, where students complete a variety of sweet and savoury recipes. As the students skills progress, more complicated techniques and processes are introduced into the course. The programs of study also include a focus on healthy eating and in addition in year 8 and 9, we investigate cuisines from different cultures.

We have a strong link with Thanet Earth and KS3 students have the opportunity to enter their annual competition, which our students have entered and won in the last two years. http://discoverthanetearth.co.uk/secondary-recipe-competition.php#anchor


The current year 10 and 11 are studying the Catering course offered by WJEC which can be viewed by following this link. http://www.wjec.co.uk/qualifications/hospitality-and-catering/hospitality-and-catering-gcse.html

From September 2016 the school will offer a GCSE course entitled “Cooking and Nutrition”, which will be 50% practical based, focusing on the science involved in cooking and the preparation of specific ingredients, which would give a sound foundation from which to work, if considering a career in the food industry.

In addition there are House competitions such as the Christmas Bake-Off and the Sports Day Bake-Off Challenge, where students have the opportunity to show off their culinary talents.