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UKMT Junior Kangaroo 2022

We now have results of the National Junior Kangaroo Maths competition

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Maths Minigolf Trip - Day 3

Our final day of collecting data for our year 7 maths project has gone well

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Maths Minigolf Trip - Day 2

Another exciting day of collecting data at 'Lost Island Adventure Golf'

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Maths Minigolf Trip

Our first day of collecting data at 'The Lost Island Adventure Indoor Golf' in Margate went very well

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Junior Maths Challenge 2022

Our year 7 and 8 mathematicians have achieved an impressive 7 gold, 23 silver and 48 bronze certificates in the national UKMT mathematics challenge

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UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge 2022

We have had another excellent year in the Intermediate maths challenge

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UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge 2021

We have had another excellent year in the Intermediate maths challenge

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UKMT Junior Maths Challenge 2021

We have had a brilliant set of results for this year's Junior UKMT maths challenge

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Year 7 Maths Minigolf Visits

It was joy for the maths department to take our year 7 students on their first school trip of the year to indoor minigolf in Margate

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UKMT Senior Maths Challenge 2020

We are so proud of our mathematicians who sat this national competition this year. We had year 12 and 13 mathematicians with a select few from year 9, 10 and 11.

There were 52 Bronze certificate 19 silvers and 3 gold certificates. The golds went to Leon Munt (best in school), James Moody (yr13), Mac Yang (yr 9).

The silver certificates went to

year 12: Ella Arundel, Amber Bathurst, Rosie, Jefkins, Ellie Laffey, Carlos Taylor,Sam Feuillatre 

year 13:Michael Adekoya, Divya Agrawal, Jasmine Atkins, William Dang, Gabriel Durrant, Rhys Gullick, Tobin Hrady, Max Lithman, Robert Martin, Henry Ozolins, Deeva Rajeev, Toby Saunders

Year 10: Jake McGregor

A special mention to Leon, James and Mac who made it to the next round  of the competition The Senior Kangaroo round.

Well done to all those taking part in this exciting maths challenge and for persevering with some challenging questions!

Photos below are of our year 13 certificate holders. The rest of photos will follow soon.



Maths in Action Feb 2020

Reported by Kazki Fairman (year13)

On Friday February 28, we departed the Chatham site at 0700 for a trip to the Emmanuel Center in Central London for an excellent "Maths in Action" day.  The day was filled with several inspiring and fascinating lectures about mathematics, ranging from how song lyrics include bad maths, to how statistical analysis can aid cyber security from hackers and their malware. My favourite lecture was by Colin Wright, who demonstrated how patterns do not always continue as expected, and demonstrated how juggling patterns can be very mathematical. He was also a GLORIOUSLY TALENTED juggler! Overall the day was money well spent and it definitely offered all of us in the Year 13 Further Mathematics class (+ Brennan), an inspiring view in how mathematics is pretty much everywhere in everything we do, instead of simply the classroom. I would highly recommend these sorts of events for Mathematics, but also for other subject departments where it can be intriguing for students as well.

Maths in action 20maths in action20.1MAths in action 20.2

Italian Maths Olympiad at CCGS

We had a request from a scientific Lyceum in Turin  (Liceo Scientifico Filippo Juvarra) for one of their best mathematicians to sit his Maths Olympiad with us at CCGS.

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British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1 December 2019

Lydia Nottingham (year 11) and Tom Ansell (year 13) qualified for the British Olympiad Round 1.

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Senior Kangaroo 2019

8 students qualified for this year's Senior Kangaroo

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Senior Maths Challenge November 2019

What an excellent set of results for this year's Senior UKMT maths challenge! There were 10 gold, 15 silver and 12 bronze certificates. Well done to everyone taking part!
There were 8 students who qualified for the next round (Senior Kangaroo) and 2 students who made it to the demanding British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1.
The following students achieved a certificate.
Gold certificates:
year 13:Tom Ansell, Kazki Fairman, William Burgess, Katrina Booth, Jonah Worledge, Jonathan Hurford, Tim Attwell
year 12 :Divya Agrawal, Noah Dodson
year 11: Lydia Nottingham
Silver Certificates:
year 13: Joshua Bentley, Lucy Manning, Rosie Axon, Elena Dalecki, Jack Lamport, Umar Huzure, Aniq Ismat
Year 12: Pawel Lisowski, Leon Munt, Brady Smith, Ewan MacPhee, Freddie Askew, Tom Piggott, Giotto McCourt-Welsh, Sophia Pegden
Bronze Certificates:
year 13 George Pittock
year 12: Sean Pointon, Toby Saunders, Abbie Kennedy, Alfred Manvilee, Jack Cave, Rhys Gullick, Jack Barton, Abdullah Hashmi, Melissa Palmer, Nicole McCorry,Michael Adekoya

Mathematical Olympiad for Girls 2019

Divya Agrawal (year 12) and Lydia Nottingham (year 11) took part in this year's Mathematical Olympiad for Girls. Over 1400 girls nationwide participated

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Year 12 Further Maths students learn through rap

Our fantastic year 12 mathematicians having fun rapping to Proof by induction in further maths

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Year 8 Code Cracking Day-July 2019- girls

Our year 8 girls took part in the code cracking day during our activities week. They competed in groups of four against the clock in a variety of tasks.

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Year 8 Code Cracking Day July 2019- boys

All of our year 8 boys have taken part in a fast-paced code cracking day during our activities week. They had to solve ciphers using a variety of techniques

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UKMT follow on Kangaroo Round April 2019

Our excellent mathematicians in year 9 and 11 who progressed to the follow on round based on their intermediate UKMT challenge score, sat their KANGAROO test

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UKMT Intermediate Challenge - March 2019

What a year for our mathematicians in years 9, 10 and 11!

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MyMaths Homework Raffle

Another term draws to a close and the Maths Dept will be holding their KS3 Raffles

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Alan Turing Cryptography Update

The Alan Turing Cryptography competition has gone very well this year. We have several teams that are still working on the increasingly difficult clues

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UKMT Junior Maths Challenge

Tuesday 12th March saw a team of 4 mathematicians travelling to The Ashford School to represent CCGS in the UKMT Junior Maths Team Challenge

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National Maths Competitions

We currently have 2 sixth form teams competing in the University of Manchester Maths Bombe and and 5 teams competing in the Alan Turing Cryptography competition

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Senior team maths challenge 2018 - Regional finals

Our sixth form team represented the school at Senior team maths challenge at The Langton in Canterbury

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UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge 
We have had another excellent year with Intermediate Maths challenge, the national competition for mathematicians in year 10 and 11. There were 5 gold, 18 silver and 19 bronze certificates overall. 
Gold certificates: Mac Yang, Jake McGregor, Ben Macaulay, Audrey Benjamin and Finlay Newbold
Silver certificates:
Year 10-Lizzie Laffey, Matilda Ellis, Rose Burgess 
Year 11- Luke Gore, Lucas Bush, Josh Jackson, Sorcha Power, Kirsty Burgess, Cassia Harris, Tilly Crimmins, Marley Barham, Ethan Dalecki, Lyon Downton, Olive Yalinkilicli, Kyle Alltoft-Stockwell, Peter Ni, Jefferson Harwood, Malachi Phasey
Bronze certificates:
Year 10- Jean Hodge, Alishba Asim, Willow Cox, Minette Vickery, Grace Chamberlain, Maria Piecuch
Year 11- Lilly Howse, Ruby Saunders, Daniel Wallden, Ruby Redwood, William Johnson, Sophia Gooding, Francesca Coldham, Molly McGee, Cara Conteh, Eve Burkitt, Emily Ogilvie, Katie Todd, Tara Vidal Von Ronn.
Mac Yang scored the highest in the school and made it to the Hamilton Olympiad- two hour written paper for the top 600 mathematicians in the country and we are still waiting for the results.
Jake McGregor, Ben Macaulay, Audrey Benjamin and Finlay Newbold made it to the Pink Kangaroo follow on round for the best several thousand mathematicians across the country. They all achieved a certificate of qualification. 
Well done to all those taking part. 

Junior Maths Challenge 2022