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Mission Statement

Our school strives for excellence in everything we do to fulfil the potential of all students

Our Vision

Chatham House & Clarendon House Grammar Schools formally merged on 1st September 2013 having been federated since 2009. Drawing on the long history of academic excellence at both schools and utilising our traditional buildings, we have embraced a contemporary outlook to teaching and learning: with Key Stage 3 retaining single sex classes and Key Stage 4 a combination of both single and mixed sex teaching.
The foundations of our success remain rooted in the traditional values and ethos of both schools:-

• Community: Our belief that everyone in the school is equally valued and has a part to play in the school and wider community’s success;

• Creativity: Students are encouraged to learn by taking risks and trying out new things;

• Growth: All students aspire to make the most of the opportunities offered to them in order to become fully rounded individuals;

• Success: Staff and students aspire to be outstanding in everything we do.