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The Faculty offers a very wide range of Social Science “A” level courses at both AS and A2 level and each year contributes between 20% - 30% of total “A” level entries in the Chatham Clarendon Sixth Form (CCVI). Details of all the courses are on page 2 and can be accessed from this website. In addition, three subjects are offered at KS4 – GCSE, and it is hoped that more will be offered in the future.

Social Science subjects are popular choices at “A” level with most students in the CCVI choosing at least one Social Science subject.  In summer 2011, 48% of all Year 13 students left the CCVI with at least one Social Science subject at full “A” level with a number having studied more than one Social Science “A” level.

Examination results have been consistently good over the years and 2011 was no exception with the Social Science Faculty contributing 22% of the “A*/A/B” grades gained by all Year 13 students in the CCVI at full “A” level. In all Social Science subjects there was a 100% pass rate with 76% of Social Science students gaining “C” grade or above.

Social Science courses are a popular choice at University for CCVI students and in autumn 2011, a sizeable number began social science degree courses, in a variety of different universities. The students’ choices of degree courses included accounting, anthropology, business studies, criminology, economics, finance, international relations, law, management studies, marketing, politics, psychology and sociology. In addition a number of students applied for degree courses leading specifically to careers such as teaching, the police force, events management and nursing – for which a social science “A” level background is deemed useful.