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One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.
(Frank Smith)


Our Modern language department comprises 11 members of staff.  We have 9 teachers, native and non-native speakers, in addition each year 2 foreign language assistants join us to work primarily with our 6th form students.  We all aim to make the learning of a foreign language a fun, relevant and challenging experience for our students.

At CCGS all students study French in year 7, in order to give them a good understanding of how a language works.  In year 8 and 9 everyone studies French and Spanish before selecting one language for GCSE, although many do chose to continue with both.  At A level we offer both French and Spanish.

Foreign language trips are a key part of department, we currently run a Year 7 trip to the Opal Coast, a Year 10 MFL/ Maths trip to Paris and Disney and a Key Stage 4 trip to Cantabria, Northern Spain.  The aim of these trips is to expose students to situations where they have to speak the foreign language and to enable them to learn about the culture of the country.