• science 3


At KS3 we work through the Active Teach, 9-1 mapped KS3 Program - Exploring Science. It has been designed to deliver the new national curriculum and the Science Programs of Study for Key Stage 3.  It supports three types of assessment: Baseline, Formative and Summative, ensuring progress is assessed and gap analysis is completed to identify development areas. We teach fully integrated Skills Development including Working Scientifically, Use of Mathematics, Literacy and Communication and Learning and Thinking.

At Key Stage 4 students are following the AQA 9-1 GCSE Science Courses which start midway through year 9. Students are tested at the end of Year10 to determine if they continue towards Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs in Year 11, or if they will sit Combined Science (Trilogy) exams. 

We have a strong tradition of A-Level teaching in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. More recently we have added AQA L3 Certificate and Extended Certificate in Applied Science. Science is seen as a strength at CCGS and as a result more than 150 students who are highly motivated and receptive, select it at A-level with many continuing to pursue this at University.