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Mrs March – Head of Department – Teacher of KS3/4/5 geography. CCCU trainee teacher mentor.

Mrs Alison March B.Ed (Hons) started at Chatham House in 2009 following her successful transition from primary teaching (12 years) in Surrey and Thanet. She is now teaching Geography at Chatham and Clarendon House as an established and experienced teacher.  Mrs March is former head girl and student of both Clarendon and Chatham House. Moving on to Kingston University after A-levels she also studied in the Netherlands as part of her degree course. Currently, she teaches across all three key stages from Years 9 to 13. She enjoys all aspects of the geography curriculum, especially fieldwork. Mrs March is also a parent of two students in the school.

Mr. Dudley – Teacher of KS3/4/5 geography. Also Duke of Edinburgh supervisor.

Mr Jon Dudley B.A (Hons) PGCE started at Chatham and Clarendon in 2018.  After graduating from the University of Plymouth in 2013 he went to work in commerce for several years before training to teach at Canterbury Christ Church University. It was during his teacher training studies that he first came to CCGS for a very successful teaching placement and he was offered a role in the department. Currently he teaches across all three key stages. He is a specialist in human geography. Mr Dudley is also a DofE supervisor & assessor whilst providing ongoing support and encouragement for the participants.

Mr Mayo – Teacher of KS3/4 geography. Also teacher of KS3 RS. Duke of Edinburgh supervisor.

Mr Mayo, an ex-pupil of Chatham House, joined the department in 2014 and teaches KS3 and KS4 Geography, and KS3 RS. A teacher of over 20 years experience, he taught in a private school in Essex, and in Sandwich Technology School before coming to CCGS. He has since become an RS specialist. Mr Mayo is primarily a physical geographer, co-coordinating the fieldwork aspects of the courses at KS3, but enjoys teaching all aspects of the syllabus. He has introduced the Heritage Schools Programme into CCGS. Mr Mayo is also co-coordinator, supervisor and assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh Award at CCGS and plays an integral part is providing the training that participants require.

Mrs Fowles – Teacher of KS3/4 geography. Also whole school SENCO.

Mrs Fowles is an experienced and established member of the department. She also has worked as a SENCO for a number of years. She really enjoys her time working with us in the department, and has enjoyed teaching all aspects of the courses. Mrs Fowles currently teaches GCSE classes.

Mrs Morgan – Teacher of KS5 geography. Also Head of PE Department and Duke of Edinburgh supervisor.

Mrs Morgan is beginning another year in the Department and is set to continue the challenge of teaching KS5 Geography, alongside her role of Head of PE in the school. She is a former CCGS student where her study of Geography encouraged her to spend a sabbatical year travelling the world, enhancing her studies with real life experiences.

Mr. Topping – Teacher of KS3/5 geography. Also Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme manager.

From time to time the Geography Department also welcomes training teachers from Christ Church University College, Canterbury involved in their PGCE course.