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In a spirit of enquiry and openness, the Religious Studies department at CCGS invites all pupils to explore the beliefs of others and their own. Throughout the key stages they will learn about Christianity and the other world religions of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Sikhism. There will also be opportunity to study minority faiths and New Religious Movements (NRMs).

Our specialist teachers and well-resourced classrooms will always assist pupils in their investigations of these traditions both as historical entities and actual living faiths, but there is also a recognition within the department that much is discovered through first-hand experiences, through trips to places of worship and contact with diverse communities. We are always mindful in Religious Studies that, whilst promoting academic excellence, we are educating the whole person and that moral, spiritual and cultural needs and concerns are part of the equation.

As well as engaging with a wide range of religious beliefs and practices, pupils will also be required to understand and appreciate non-religious perspectives and the significant role they play in society. Different views will always be taken into account as pupils wrestle with the big questions relating to the meaning of life and the nature of truth and morality. As a department we seek to develop critical and philosophical skills at every turn. Consequently, all pupils will acquire a deeper understanding of the world around them and themselves.