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Welcome to the Admissions Page

We hope the information below is of assistance, should you require anything further please contact our Admission Registrar, Mrs Sue Hurrell on 01843 591075 Chatham Site/Lower School or by email registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk

CoVid 19 Measures (Updated 4th November 2021) Unfortunately, due to an increase in cases locally we will not be arranging any further tours of the school site. We will review this decision after the Christmas holiday. 

Year 7 September 2022 Applications

The application process for our school is administered by the Kent County Council and you should contact them direct with queries.

For information concerning appeals, if your child has not been assessed as suitable for grammar, please click HERE for help notes. Please note you cannot appeal until after 1st March 2022 at the earliest and details on how to appeal will be included in the email sent to you on 1st March 2022 which will tell you the secondary school your child has been allocated.

Admission Arrangements

Please find below the determined Admission Arrangement documents for the relevant academic years:

Supplementary Form - this form ONLY needs to be completed if you are applying for a place and your child attracts Pupil Premium Funding at their current school or you have medical reasons why Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School is the ONLY school which can meet your child's specific needs. Full details can be found in our Admission Policy below. Please find a copy of the Supplementary Form below. Should you be unable to print off a copy please contact Mrs Hurrell - details above - with your name and address for one to be sent to you. Copies are also available at the School Receptions.

Please note the Arrangements below have been amended and determined in August 2021 to meet the requirements of the new School Admission Code which comes into effect 1st September 2021. As the only amendments are due to the changes in the Code we MUST comply and no consultation is therefore required. The changes only relate to the addition of priority for those children who are or have been looked after or in care of an authority outside of England.

Academic Year 2021/22 and  Supplementary Form

Academic Year 2022/23 and Supplementary Form


In Year Admission Application Process

As a grammar school we can only offer places to students who are 'selective - in the top 25% academically'; this means that they have been assessed as able to meet the ability level to cope with the pace and academic standard for a grammar school. Further infomation can be found in our Admission Arrangements above.

Applications can only be considered on receipt of an In Year Application Form which can be downloaded here.

The form MUST be printed off, completed and sent by POST to Mrs S Hurrell Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School, Chatham Street, Ramsgate Kent CT11 7PS. We do NOT accept any applications by email.

If you are unable to print off a form please email Mrs Hurrell and ask for a form to be sent to you.

You will be sent an appointment letter with a date for testing at our school if required, or our decision, whether we can offer a place or not, within 10 school days of receipt of your application form. If you have not received a reply wihin 2 weeks of posting the form please contact Mrs Hurrell by email.

If you have any queries on the above please email Mrs Hurrell at registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk


If you wish to appeal please note that you can only appeal once you have received a decision following an application for a place. To appeal please email Mrs Hurrell at registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk with your address and the student's full name and date of birth, stating you wish to appeal. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ANYTHING ELSE AT THIS STAGE

For information: Appeals may be heard based on electronic submitted written evidence only or by telephone/electronic conference. This will be explained in the email from the Independent Appeal Panel sent in response to an email appeal request.


Please find below the Appeal Timetable for all appeals to the school until 27th February 2022.

Appeal Timetable 2021

Please note that should an appeal be unsuccessful and you wish to consider complaining to the Education Funding Agency (EFA) we would refer you to help notes here