Maths with Mickey

5th March 2013

The age old mantra of mathematics teachers worldwide that “maths is helpful in everyday life” may have been proved correct by a trip to Disneyland Paris.  46 year 11 students from Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School accompanied by 5 staff members went to the magic kingdom for a three day extravaganza.

The students went to a series of lectures explaining how maths is used in EuroDisney, such as the maths behind running the business or the maths behind designing the rides. On the second day the pupils had an interactive workshop in which they had to use their own maths ability to design a ride of their very own. 

However it was not all work, the boys and girls were set loose in the park to experience the rides for themselves, and the maths behind them of course!  Shockingly enough though, the teachers were not quite so up for the challenge with 80% of them chickening out of going on any of the fast rides. 

Overall it was a magical trip despite the chilly weather.

Rachel Goodfellow – Year 12 student

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