4th March 2013

Mr Goodwin and Mr Richford  have started their training for a charity challenge. The challenge involves climbing up and down the central staircase at the Chatham house site. Along with Mr Wakefield, they plan to ascend the four flights of stairs 144 times each. This is the equivalent of each teacher climbing Kilimanjaro and if their three distances  were combined is the equivalent to climbing Everest from Base Camp! 

The staff members will be raising money for Imibala. This South African Children's charity sponsor township children for a year's schooling including uniform and a daily cooked, nutritious meal which for many is the only food they can look forward to. This climb is taking place on Friday, 17th May 2013 and events supporting this will include a school non-uniform day. If anyone would like to contribute or could offer further sponsorship, please contact Mr Goodwin.

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