Year 8 Health Day

14th December 2010

On 25th November, our Year 8s took part in a Health Day.  This consisted of four sessions during the day devoted to different aspects promoting a healthy life.


In preparation for one of the sessions, the girls had spent a PSE lesson looking at preparing dishes using a given list of ingredients.  The girls had to arrange themselves into teams, plan the dishes and decide who was doing what in the team, including the washing up. On the day, the food tech room was a hub of activity, with each group producing and displaying their dishes.  Mrs Morgan was keeping an eye on proceedings and judged the groups on teamwork, hygiene, timekeeping as well as the skill and variety of the dishes.  The best two teams were Ichefs from 8S and Cook Cuisine from 8R.  Our School Nurses Pam Brewer and Kate Drinkall provided a session on contraception, where girls were given upto date information and advice.  KCA's Andy Knight presented information on Drugs and Alcohol awareness, alerting the girls to the possible dangers and outcomes of these substances, from just one case of misuse to an addiction. A team from the Red Cross then taught the girls CPR and they were able to practice on models of adults, toddlers and babies. 

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