Ethics Matters Conference

28th February 2013

On the 28th February 2013 the RS department took 70 Sixth Form Students (currently studying AS & A2 Level Philosophy and Ethics) to an "Ethics Matters Conference" hosted by Kings School in Canterbury and led by one of the nations' leading A Level Philosopher and Ethicist - Dr Peter Vardy. The topics discussed allowed for students to review lecture materials and to participate in debates such as "Greed is Good" and whether some ethics are 'right' in not allowing "abortions." Controversial views in ethics such as Peter Singers 'Preference Utilitarianism' raised quite a few eyebrows in suggesting that humans are no greater than animals otherwise we become "speciesist" or that the value of a severely disabled child is lower than a reliable pet dog! The students enjoyed getting involved in the debates in supporting or constructively critiquing. The students felt that the day had enhanced their understanding of the syllabus and each of them were rewarded with revision notes plus a copy of 'Ethics Matters' by Peter & Charlotte Vardy.

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