Gurdwara Visit

8th December 2010


The first Focus Day of the year proved to be a great success for our year 7 pupils who made the journey to Southall in west London to visit the area often called “Little India”. An article in the New York Times in 2006 promised American tourists who visit Southall,”A real taste of South Asia”.
During the day we spent time in the two gurdwaras to find out more about Sikh beliefs and worship. The food offered to us in the langar was enjoyed by all and some pupils went up for second helpings.
Everywhere we went, we were made to feel very welcome, whether it was in the Hindu temple where we were offered fruit and sweets, in the Sikh Missionary Society shop where pupils managed to get a discount on Sikh headgear and bangles, in the Quality Foods supermarket where quantities of Indian sweets were bought and around the outside stalls where some Clarendon girls bought 3D pictures of Hindu gods and brightly coloured scarves.
A visiting teacher in the Havelock Road Gurdwara commented that he had never met such a well behaved group of pupils and the volunteers in the langar and prayer hall were pleased to invite us to visit again next year.
The accompanying staff had a brilliant day too.

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