Safer Internet Day Feb 2020

25th February 2020

Safer Internet Day was celebrated through a range of activities w/c 10 February 2020, where we work "Together for a better internet". It answered how can we ensure access to a safe and stimulating online environment for the greatest number of people, where we can make the most of a wealth of opportunities, while at the same time mitigating its negative side-effects.

Year 12 students Archie Cleal, Roaa Alkaroundi, Hope Lianne Jones and Anouska Dey  were involved in Safer Internet Day activities at Ramsgate Holy Trinity Primary School, as well as being involved in assemblies at CCGS for all of KS3 and KS4.

The activities at Holy Trinity spanned year 3 to year 6. The key message is, to create positive ways of expressing ourselves online and the pupils were very creative with some stunning examples of their own emojis being produced.

A big thank you to our students for their efforts, it was a very successful week, and an enjoyable experience was had by all.

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