Top A-Level Results

27th August 2019

Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School students are celebrating another year of well deserved results. With an overall pass rate of over 95% and 24% of grades at A*/ A and 43% at A*-B, Headteacher Debra Liddicoat said, ’our students have worked incredibly hard to achieve these result and should be rightly proud of themselves. The vast majority of students are intending to go on to the best universities. I would also like to recognise the hard work and dedication of the staff in supporting students through their studies for the past two years.’

The following students deserve a particular mention for their outstanding results:

Josh Calvin 4 Distinction * (A* equivalents at A level) and will be taking a Gap Year
Edward Caps A*, 2A’s & 1C and hopes to study Aeronautics & Astronautics at Southampton
Paris Gasson 2 Distinction* 1A & 1B and hopes to study Geography at Exeter
Jamie Forde 3A’s and will be reading Computer Science at King’s College London
Dominic Hill 3 Distinction* 1A &1B and hopes to study Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation at Kent
Laura Kingston 1A*, 2A’s & 1C and will be taking a Gap year
Esther Laffey 3A’s &1B and hopes to study International Relations with Economics at Birmingham
Matilda Lailey 3A’s and hopes to study Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge
Poppy Langman 2A* & 1A and hopes to study Veterinary Science at Bristol
Maisie Manning 2A* & 1A and hopes to study Experimental Psychology at Oxford
Kin Mo 3A’s & 1B and hopes to study Biochemistry at Kent
Ben Russell 1A*, 2A’s & 1B and hopes to study Physics with Maths at Southampton
Megan Short 2 Distinction*, 1A & 1B and hopes to study Fashion Photography at Solent
Amelia Slayford 3A’s &1B and hopes to be studying medicine at Queen Mary, University of London
Jasmine Walke 1A* & 3A’s and hopes to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge
Thomas Walton 3 Distinction* & 1D and hopes to study Sport & Exercise Science at Surrey
Alice Wilkening 3A’s, 1B &1C and hopes to study Chemical Engineering at Bath

We wish all our students every success in the future whether it be at University, embarking on Apprenticeships or entering the world of work.

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