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Year 8 Girls Code Cracking Day - July 2019

15th July 2019

Our year 8 girls took part in the code cracking day during our activities week. They competed in groups of four against the clock in a variety of tasks. They had to complete several rounds of mathematical relay, crack a substitution cipher, pig pen cipher, Caesar shift and Viginere codes. They also learned how credit cards have an installed error correcting calculation and how ISBN codes work.The girls enjoyed watching the film Hidden figures and worked hard at a cross-number puzzle.

Some quotes from our students from the day include:

We really enjoyed the film, which was inspiring and  the maths relay was fun.

Today was better than we thought it would be, I really enjoyed the activity where we had to run with the answers in the gym.

Maths relay was fun and I loved working as a team, it was different experience to just usual maths lessons and it was fun.  

The movie was amazing and the games were fun. We worked well as a team!

I found all of the activities really fun and the film was awsome. I can't think of any ways to improve it.

Well done to all who took part and worked hard today and especially to the three winning teams.

1st place: Kirsty Burgess, Sophia Gooding, Beatrise Freiberga, Tilly Crimmins

2nd place: Talia Boughton, Eve Burkitt, Molly Pullen, Lilly Howse

3rd place: Audrey Benjamin, Ruby Saunders, Olivia Spratling, Emiliy Ogilvie

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