Year 8 Boys Code Cracking Day - July 2019

15th July 2019

All of our year 8 boys have taken part in a fast-paced code cracking day during our activities week. They had to solve ciphers using a variety of techniques from substitution with frequency analysis, Caesar shift cipher, Pig pen code  to Vigenere cipher. Students competed in teams of four, learned about error correcting codes for ISBN and bank card numbers and raced against time to complete a bonus crossnumber challenge too. We also enjoyed watching the inspiring film Hidden figures which is packed full of the importance maths played in the space race.

The three winning teams received a tasty prize.

1st place: Toby Prior, Matthew Green, Marley Barham, Rakshyen Mohanram

2nd place: Pete Ni, Luke Gore, Ben Macaulay, Jed Mullin

3rd place: Luke Tyler, Noah Shakeshaft, Josh Jackson, Charlie Miles

Well done to all those taking part and a huge thank you to maths staff for organising and running the day.

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