Sports Day 2019

4th July 2019

On a glorious cloudless afternoon the students pushed through two tough days and successfully completed an outstanding sports day. On the Tuesday morning Lily Murray broke one of only two records for the day with a huge 21.35m in the year 9 girls Discus, the GB athlete now holds four school records including years 7-9 Discus records and will no doubt aim to take more in the next few years. The other record was broken by Katrina Booth in the senior girls Triple Jump, more drama unfolded however and Gemma Cathcart jumped a fraction further in the senior girls multiple event competition to steal the record away from Katrina meaning she held the record for just over an hour.

The track events on Tuesday saw a total of eight records broken. The only new boy’s record for Athletics went to Riley Maisey in 7RPb who now holds the 400m record. Other year 7s to get records were Harriet Edwards in 7RPg in the 100m and Alice Bonell in the 200m so we have some fast students coming through the school which will hopefully be exciting in the coming years.

The stand out performer of the sports day was new year 12 student Beth Williams. She ran the 1500m, 800m, 300m AND the relay and the record was broken in every single race!! We hope she keeps training and she will have the chance to come back again next year and improve on her records again to make them even harder for the next group of athletes to beat.

Away from the sport the orienteering competition was a real success once again, thank you to Mr Topping and Mr Mayo. The Food Tec completion was also quite brilliant with the winning baker being awarded to Kyle Alltoft-Stockwell whose masterpiece based on sporting heroes was incredible – thank you to Miss Cracknell for the support!

As always, I am biased, but I would argue it was one of the best sports days we have had in recent years with fantastic amounts of participation along with plenty of outstanding performances.

As always I would like to thank all those who took part and those who spectated and supported their teams. It was a very successful event and we will look to make it even better again next year.

The overall results were as follows:

1st RP - 1292

2nd TS - 1290

3rd KH – 1271

4th MS - 1235

Mr T Richford
Head of Sports

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