Larkin Cup Music Competition Results

1st April 2019

Both the Junior and Senior Music Competitions took place last week.

Senior Larkin Music Cup

The House results were:

1st TS  with a point average of 92.125
2nd MS with a point average of 91.75
3rd RP
with a point average of 90.5
4th KH
with a point average of 90.375

so very close!
Individual prizes were as follows:

Year 13

1st  Kaden Pearce
2nd  Olly Saunders, Taylor Cousins and Liam East (tied)
3rd  Daisy Shingles, Alfie Lawrence and Linley Rich (tied)
Year 12

1st Grace Ward
2nd Imogen Downey-Edwards
3rd Sam Gerlack

Year 11

1st Katie McNally
2nd Lia Welsh and Ewan McPhee (tied)
3rd Mayan Davies and Jake Stevens (tied)

Year 10

1st Tom Egan
2nd Bradley Bissett
3rd Sam March and Erica Brynes (tied)

Mixed (across all year groups)

1st  MS Ensemble
2nd KH 'Impro' ensemble
3rd KH Ensemble - Hallelujah

Year 12 and 13

1st Alfie, Orla and Imogen
2nd Liam and Linley and Izzy and Hannah (tied)
3rd Izzy, Zara and Hannah

Year 10 and 11

1st Coco and Kyri
2nd Noah, Ewan, James and Michael and Trinity and Talia (tied)
3rd Charlie Press and Anya

Highly Commendeds
Luca Terenghi
Caitlin Hancock
Daisy Crush
Cerys Jones
Zara Kumbasaroglu
11RP Ensemble
RP House Ensemble

Junior Larkin Music Cup

 The house results (as announced in Wednesday's assembly) were as follows:
1st  KH
2nd RP
3rd TS
4th MS
To work out the result we add up the top eight scores from each house and then take an average (scores are out of 100).
The individual winners were as follows:

Year 7

1st Mac Yang
2nd Seth Smith, Luka Knight del Sastre and Matthew Cornelius (tied)
3rd Kelsey Bissett and Katie March (tied)

Highly Commended: Claudia Sunshine, Madeline Sales

Year 8

1st Ruby Dirksen
2nd Francesca Coldham and Ruby Redwood (tied)
3rd Ruby Saunders

Highly Commended: Emily Ogilvie, Kate Stevens, Harry Cory, and Tara Vidal von Ronn

Year 9

1st Thomas Hall
2nd Aicha Eastment
3rd Maddy Doody

Highly Commended: Flynn Shingles, Penny Robertson, Edmond Rudland and Maedhbh McCabe

And the ensemble prizes were as follows:

Year 7

1st Erin Gardner and Harriet Tyman
2nd Libby Field and Merryn Pearse
3rd (tied) 7MSb ensemble, 7MSg ensemble and Jean Hodge and Maya Shakeshaft

Year 8

1st 8RPg ensemble
2nd Ella Cousins and Nima Fitzgerald
3rd  8RPb ensemble

Highly commended: Imogen Sheriya and Liv Jarman, 8KHg, Jefferson and Oliver, Carys and Ruby

Year 9

1st Rocksy and Anna
2nd Lauren Kirby and Lea Smith
3rd Lottie Smith and Katie Collins            


1st KH Ensemble
2nd TS Ensemble - Say Something
3rd TS House Song

Highly Commended: KHb ensemble - Country Roads


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