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CCGS on track to be UK’s first Cognitive Science Learning School

8th February 2019

The Science Department and students at CCGS have being trailing a brand new learning tool for KS3, 4 and 5 with great success and are now through to round three of the Seneca Learning Championship to hopefully be crowned the UK’s first Cognitive Science Learning School.

Seneca Learning is an online platform that is helping 750,000+ students UK wide to learn faster and memorise better. This homework & revision tool applies cognitive neuroscience to make learning more efficient and enjoyable. In a Randomised Control Trial with 1,120 participants, they proved that students using Seneca obtained test scores 2x higher than their peers using other revision resources.

Seneca’s is adaptive and personalized to students’ own education and to their abilities, prior knowledge and performance. It uses evidenced based research principles such as the ‘Forgetting Curve’ to deliver an optimal learning experience. It uses cutting edge spaced repetition, active retrieval, interleaving, multimodal representations and visual memory cues to increase students’ retention of information.

Click the blog link for more information and follow our progress in the Seneca Learning Challenge

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