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Laptops for Filipino Schools – one year on

12th December 2012

Last year ex-student and former staff member, Ravi Ghowry, sent over what was the second shipment of laptops to schools in the Philippines. Following the first set of laptops sent to his family’s school, PBC Elementary, the second set was sent to also help one of the nearby public schools, Bintog Elementary School.

The laptops were gratefully received in December 2011 and have been put to use by the students and teachers of the school. It has allowed Bintog Elementary to significantly improve their IT resources, with more modern computers, providing students with better access to resources that will allow them to develop their IT skills.

The laptops have also been extremely useful  for the teachers for the school, providing them with a 21st century resource that was previously unavailable to them. Like the students they have been able to develop their own ICT skills but it has also allowed them to update their way of working with practices that are more in line with the modern day. The laptops have allowed the school to streamline reports to provide feedback for students in a more effective and efficient manner.

A letter of thanks has been sent by Bintog Elementary to thank the CCGSF for helping enhance their provision of computers within the school (see images).

With the previous shipment of laptops having been so eagerly received, we hope to be able to fulfil Bintog’s request for more laptops - with a third shipment of laptops expected to reach the Philippines before Christmas. In addition to supplying Bintog and PBC Sunbeam with more laptops, the third shipment will see even more schools in the region receive laptops from the CCGSF.

At the CCGSF we are very pleased to be able to help Ravi in fulfilling a unique opportunity to help schools in the Philippines improve the IT resources available to their students and teachers. By extending the life of computers that would have otherwise been disposed of we have been able to provide an invaluable teaching and learning aid for Filipino schools that are typically less well resourced.

“I would like to thank the Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School Federation for their continued support in this project since I first started it in 2009. The level of support provided by the schools since I left is a testament to the unique spirit and ethos I experienced during my time as a student and member of staff at the federation.”

We look forward to hearing more from Ravi to see how the latest shipment of laptops has contributed to helping the other schools in the area.

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