QEQM Pathology Visit

25th November 2012

In an attempt to stimulate interest in the hidden world of medical diagnostics I asked the QEQM if it would be possible to arrange a laboratory tour for any of our AS science pupils. They were happy to oblige as long as the groups consisted of pupils who were interested in their world as a potential career area. The tour lasted for an hour and a half and consisted of a short insight into entry qualifications, responsibilities and pay scales. We were then guided around the blood analysis area which was pretty amazing! We were then shown the blood banks (£150.00 a bag) and a demonstration of how they type patients blood groups. One of the favourite areas was the microscopy room. Here we were shown blood slides of; malaria, leukaemia, worm infestation and vitamin B12 deficiency which shows enlarged red blood cells which are inefficient at delivering oxygen resulting in the patient being anaemic.

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