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Year 8 Activities week- Maths challenge day

19th July 2018

Year 8 were treated to a day full of mathematical activities and competitions. There were 5 rounds: group round, crossnumber, mini-relay, big relay and paper pi chains. We had several winning teams for each round and overall winners as well. Each team worked with a mathematician from our sixthform who checked their work, supported them and cheered them on.

The day got really competitive with teams running for full 40 minutes during the big relay round and tensions running high during the time pressured mini-relay. Paper chains round was a popular round where practical skills and ability to work as a team were even more important than maths skills.

The overall winners were

Year 8 boys teams:

3rd We cannot count to 3!:)

2nd: All ogre now!

1st: Die vier bratwurst

Year 8 girls teams:

3rd: Sadd05

2nd: Jagel Bagel

1st: The Prime team

A selection of lovely quotes from the day:

I loved maths day! I went into school not looking forward to maths but ended up loving it. I especially liked making paper pi chains! (Ollie)

This was a really fun and interesting day and I learnt a lot. Everybody participated and everyone was smiling. The sixthformers were very helpful and the pi chains were really fun! (Evie)

Today was really good and better than I thought. I enjoyed the relay. Well done to the maths department and thanks to the sixthformers. (Tom)

I enjoyed the day more than I expected, I really enjoyed the bigger relay just because of how intense it was.  (Lennon)

I particularly enjoyed the relay race but I had a really good day, the teachers turned a subject I don't really enjoy into a fun action-packed day. Thank you teachers. (Sienna)

I think that to involve the sixthformers was a really good idea and that ours was really nic. I think that the day was really good. Esther was a really good sixthformer and she was confident in us all day.

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