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Mini-Secchi - The 3D Printed Water Clarity Tester

28th June 2018

Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School’s 3D Hub has undertaken a huge project this year, working together with Plymouth Marine Laboratory to produce 110 Mini-Secchi Disks.

The majority of Secchi Disk parts were 3D Printed using Ultimaker 2s, in fact, the full assembly is 75% constituted by 3D printed parts excluding fasteners. With over 10 Reels of filament needed for the printing. Staff and Students have worked around the clock to assemble the Secchi disks. Project leader Thomas Brewin set his Year 12 students to work for the final build assembly.

Secchi Depth and Forel – Ule readings from the Secchi Discs will form part of a data set that started in the 19th century recording turbidity of water around the globe. They were designed and built to be a low cost – low weight instrument. This batch of manufactured units is destined for the Kerala Region of India to test the water quality and contribute to a data set as part of a study run by Plymouth Marine laboratory and funded by the UK Natural Environmental research council joint UK – India Marine Revival.

“The work will contribute to creating a common data set, which will inform a collaborative Marine Biological Scientific

Joseph Phillips - 3D Hub Technician

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