Junior Larkin Cup Music Competition

10th May 2018

Here are the individual and ensemble results of the Junior Larkin Music Competition.
The individual winners were as follows:
Year 7
1st (joint) Ruby Dirkson and Ruby Redwood
2nd Emily Ogilvie
3rd Matthew Green and Francesca Coldham
Year 8
1st Edmund Rudland
2nd (joint) Joe Yoofoo and Maddie Doody 
3rd (joint) Freddie Potter, Tyson Korutaro and Anna Worledge
Year 9
1st  Sam March
2nd (joint) Kyri Thalis and Trinity Gale
3rd (joint) Bradley Bissett and Lilly Jackson
And the ensemble prizes were as follows:
1st TS House Band
2nd (joint) 7RPb Band and 7RPg ensemble
3rd (joint) Lottie and Katie and 7KHg ensemble 
Highly Commended (in no particular order)
9KH boys 
Charlie Press
Ross White
Caitlin Hancock
Tom Egan
Lea Smith
8RPg ensemble
Daisy Crush
Jack Michaelides
9KH girls
Luca Terrenghi
Erin Stallwood
Ruby and Olive
7MSg ensemble
Jasmine Watson
Rocksy Antonygnaneswaran
Lydia Notthingham and Ruby Lydford
Maebhbh McCabe
Flynn Shingles
8RP Djembe ensemble
Katie Todd
Harry Cory
Anya Skendrovic
Well done to everyone who took part!

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