Google Visit for Computer Scientists

19th April 2018

On the 16th April, the Computer Science Department took their year 12 students to Google HQ in London. There were many objectives of the visit, to meet with top software engineers, to see first hand the realities of working in the industry and be able to see what a working environment in the computer science industry could be like.
The visit was enlightening for all. Google put on a presentation which explored job roles and qualification requirements, together with the expectations of working for a truly global company. This was followed by a Q&A session for our students, and then a tour of the company. Here, shaggy carpets, pool tables, a gym and sleep pods were the norm, and you could even see what was being typed into Google, on LED tiles, placed on the floor! 
We were taken to lunch to round off the visit. Here the canteen was free for all employees, and the students were treated to whatever they liked - typical dishes included lobster and monkfish. Google even highlighted the healthy alternatives putting these in the more prominent positions, and in the misted cupboards below you could find draws of fizzy drinks and chocolate!
It is fantastic that this years 12 we have a record number of students all wanting to work in the industry. We have been very lucky to experience such a visit, and hope that this will give the students a realistic edge on what they are working so hard for!

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