Senior Larkin Cup House Music Competition

26th March 2018

The Senior Larkin Music Cup competition took place recently and as usual we saw an incredible amount of talent. The Head of Music believes we saw far more consistently high performances than usual and the results were extremely close. To calculate the house places, we take the top eight performance scores from each house, add them and divide by eight to get an average.

The House results were:

1st MS      with 92.175 points
2nd TS      with 91.875 points
3rd RP      with 91.5 points
4th KH      with 90.375 points
Individual prizes were as follows:

6th Form
1st  (joint) Jake Warner (TS) and Alistair Manclark (MS)
2nd  Owen Barnett (TS)
3rd  Joe Wyatt (RP) and Kaden Pearce (MS)
Year 10 and 11

1st  Lia Welsh (KH)
2nd  (joint) Jake Stevens (RP) and Mayan Davies (RP)
3rd  Emilia Marcysiak (TS)

1st Amber, Issy, Daisy and Harry (RP)
2nd TS House Ensemble
3rd (Joint) KH House Ensemble, MS House Ensemble, Orla and Sam (MS)

Highly Commendeds
Chloe Lewer (KH)
Taylor Cousins (KH)
Kayleigh Stevens-Keatley and Olly Saunders (KH)
Adam and Chip (KH)
Jan (KH)
Grace Ward and Max Hayden (MS)
Daisy Naisbitt and Alistair Manclark (MS)
Ellie Gullick (MS)
Alfie Lawrence and Karen Pearce (MS)
Alfie Lawrence (MS)
Martha Carter (TS)
Mel Karczewski and Owen Barnett (TS)
Liam East (TS)
David Chapman (RP)
Mayan Davies and Ellie Lewer (RP)
Daisy Shingles (RP)
Harry Spellman and Amber Malley (RP)

The adjudicator was ex-student Dhesh Padiachey, who is now a musician, who has provided us the comments below:

“I was very honoured to be invited to come and adjudicate the Larkin Cup this year as this was one of my favourite events each year whilst I was at CCGS a few years ago. The talent & potential I saw today was incredible and I'm proud to see CCGS produce such amazing musicians each year!

I would encourage all musicians to just keep performing at every opportunity you can; constantly perform your music for your friends & family… By constantly performing, not only are you improving your ability but you may just inspire someone else to take up music!

Some comments about performing:

    Really use the stage and connect with the audience in front of you (Jake Warner displayed this tremendously)
    Remember that this is your moment, so enjoy yourself! (Alfie Lawrence did this really well!)
    For large ensembles, make sure that everyone’s talents shines out and no-one is hidden (TS House Ensemble was great at this!)
    Mastering your technical skills (scales & arpeggios etc) is crucial for some of the more complex pieces (Alistair M. & Kaden Pearce demonstrated this very well!)  

It takes a lot of courage to get up and perform on the stage and so you have all done tremendously well today! Keep working hard at your talent and keep going with your music...when you hear the applause at the end, you will know it was worth it!"

Dhesh Padiachey (CCGS ’05 - ’12)

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