UKMT Team Maths Challenge

15th March 2018

On Tuesday 3rd February, four of us (Rohit and Lydia from Year Nine; Margaret and George from Year Eight) attended the regional final for the Team Mathematics Challenge! Hosted by the UKMT, the event was a competition filled with challenging problems, quite unlike those in a school textbook.

We travelled by train to Ashford, as 20 schools from across Kent were in attendance. The first round was a selection of ten problems, which we were successfully gained 50/60 marks for. The second round was a ‘crossnumber’- a crossword with numbers rather than words- and with one pair solving Across clues and one pair solving Down clues, we scored 49/56. The third round was a ‘shuttle run’, where each pair had to solve a question and give the answer to the other team in order for them to progress. This round started very well, but ended in a score of 37/60. Finally, there was the relay round- entailing speedwalking(!) around the hall to hand in answers and give questions to the other pair in the team. We got to question 9 of 15.

Our overall position on the leaderboard was 3rd, and we were less than 10 points from the winning team! This is a huge improvement on last year (position: 9th), and we all received prizes and certificates. Thank you very much to Mrs Newton for organising practice sessions at lunchtimes during the school week, and for accompanying us to the venue. Without her, we would not have been there at all!

Hopefully next year, with the current Year Eights eligible to return, and new faces from the year below, CCGS's score will be better still!

Written by Lydia Nottingham, Year 9

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