CERN voyage to Switzerland

9th March 2018

On a snowy night in February, 48 intrepid students and staff left the safety of CCGS for a voyage of discovery, seeking the elusive Higgs Boson and investigating the origins of the universe.  Their destination was the mythical CERN particle accelerator located in the far flung land of Switzerland.

Thanks to their team of dedicated drivers who bravely fought the worse conditions ever known to man and woman on British roads, the party made the safety of Gatwick and hence arrived in Geneva with time to spare.  A visit to the United Nations headquarters was duly completed, culminating with a visit to the rickety three legged chair, the purpose of which remains shrouded in mystery.

On the dawning of the long anticipated day of discovery, it seemed that the God’s themselves were conspiring against us.  Snow drifts seven feet deep, polar bears and broken buses had to be overcome.  Hikes into the unknown were required before we could reach our destination; CERN and its multiple synchrotrons.  After developing a unifying theorem before lunch, the explorers went on a voyage of discovery to deepest darkest Geneva, breaking the record for the number of snowballs incident on one person in the process, before returning to the base camp and a well-earned good night’s sleep.

Our expected day of departure arrived with the realisation that more snow had made our flight home questionable.  A visit to the history of science museum was completed, offering all a glimpse of the weird and wonderful gizmos of the past.  A snowball battle later, and the trip was complete, all except the flight home.  Or so we thought…

The additional day did not dampen the spirits, with the students taking all in their stride and accepting their fate with grace and good humour.  With only small hurdles now in our path, the mighty 48 arrived back home exhausted, poorer, but a good deal wiser.

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