Computer Science Cup Winners 2018

20th February 2018

Congratulations to Kareshram Mohanaram and Max Parpworth who won the Computer Science Cup for Mann-Somerville.

The year 9's were tasked with the challenge to design a software application which helps society. We had a lot of creative entries which covered a lot of current issues. But in the end we decided to award them the cup, as the level of detail and creativity for a unique idea that had not been thought of before. We liked the idea of an application that can benefit the environment by teaching the importance of plants and living organisms. The judges from the department were very impressed with the hard work which had gone into the entry, as well as the level of detail which described how the application worked, how it would benefit society. Designs of how the app would look were also included in high detail.

Well done to the students and to everyone else who worked hard on their designs!

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