29th September 2017

The Science Department at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School arranged for the RAF to visit Year 8 on the 29th September with their amazing “Fun with Flight” road show. This interactive roadshow featured high specification drones that flew around the Assembly Hall, Virtual Reality headsets for gaming and beyond, as well as a dance off with a Rubens’ Flame Tube looking at the physics of sound and waves. Students investigated the science behind flight and the jet engine, looking at the Bernoulli’s Principle and had a demonstration from a methane powered, mini-jet engine.

The loud, sometimes scary but very entertaining roadshow introduced students to the wide range of careers within the RAF, and especially focused on the current shortage of engineers within the forces and had a strong emphasis on encouraging women into these STEAM roles.

Judging from the photos – a good road show was had by all.

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