Chemistry for Work. STEM Event

29th June 2017

On 22nd June, twelve year 9 pupils and two members of staff attended a STEM event at CCCU, Canterbury.  The Chemistry at Work event was one of a number of similar events held throughout the year. Chemistry at Work aims to introduce students to their local chemistry industries and to demonstrate how the chemistry which they learn at school is used by a variety of people in their work. A wide range of companies and organisations, including Pfizer and the Royal Society of Chemistry, were represented and contributed to the event and organised activities.

Pupils engaged in a range of activities and learning experiences over the course of the day. In one activity pupils experimented with dry ice (solid carbon dioxide), assessing the effects of sharp temperature gradients on adjacent vapours and levitated bubbles on a layer of cold carbon dioxide and investigated what proportion would freeze without bursting.

In another laboratory pupils investigated how the rate of photosynthesis is affected by the colour of the light shone on algae. During the activity focused on polymers, pupils used a state of the art infrared spectrometer to analyse both plastics and the dye coatings on them and used the information to assess the extent to which these different substances could be recycled by the means currently available.

The visit was viewed as a great success and was part of the ongoing involvement by CCGS with providers and other educators involved with science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

Mr Scarlett

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