Computer Science Cup Winners

27th February 2017

Congratulations to Lily Brim, Lottie Holmes, Anna Baker and Lee Burton who won the Computer Science Cup for Knight Heath.

The year 9's were tasked with the challenge to design a software application which helps society. We had a lot of thoughtful and innovative entries, but in the end we decided to award them the cup, as the level of detail from this entry was stunning. We liked the idea of a charity based application which attracted people to give money to a range of charities and in return the user could gain access to a range of interesting content, which would in turn attract the user to give more. The judges from the department were very impressed with the hard work which had gone into the entry, as well as the level of detail which described how the application worked, and how it would be successful. A range of detailed designs were produced.

Well done to the students and to everyone else who worked hard on their designs!

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