Jesus Christ Superstar

7th February 2017

Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School's stage production had a lot to live up to this year; following the success of their award winning ‘The Lion King’ in 2016. This year's ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ was happily another great success. Annalee Gibbons, the musical director said ,

"The choice of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s rock opera was an ambitious task, but a worthwhile risk that highlighted the talent and professionalism of our students."

 Jake Warner played an outstanding ‘Jesus’, and confidently led many of the show’s musical numbers. All were impressed by his emotional execution and his commanding stage presence.  Jacob Gardner's portrayal of Judas’ anguish, and presentation of his struggle was thoroughly convincing throughout, and his vocal style and acting abilities matched him perfectly to the role.

Director and stage manager Victoria Cackett said,

  "One of the standout performances came from Bethan Fahy. She portrayed Mary  excellently. It would be hard to fault Bethan’s vocal execution, and it was great to see her perform her first lead role, in this, her last year with the school."

The production involved a large, talented cast, including  strong performances from Josh Walton as ‘Caiaphas’ and Kayleigh Stevens- Keatley as ‘Annas’ who together commanded the fearsome priests and guards. Alistair Manclark’s ‘Pilate’ and Owen Barnett’s ‘Herod’ were particularly entertaining,  supported by a skilled group of dancers who added so much professionalism to the show. The vocal skills of the apostles and, the performance of ‘Simon’ by Sam Gerlack and ‘Peter’ by Alfie Lawrence stood out too.

The imposing purpose- built scaffolding on stage was utilized in every number, and, covered with UV paint, lent a magical feel at times.

"I particularly enjoyed the use of digital screens to set  scenes, especially the way in which characters could be seen to be approaching seemingly on a high-tech CCTV" said Amber Yoofoo - a student and reviewer.

Undoubtedly, the seamless and slick production owed much to the time and efforts of the Director and Stage Manager Mrs. Cackett, Musical Director and Producer Mrs. Gibbons and Technical Director Mr. Gibbons. The live band,  interesting props, costumes and  many skilled performances produced a great musical. Mrs Cackett commented,

"It has been an absolute privilege to work with such a talented cast and crew. We are incredibly proud of them and what they have produced."

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