Junior Grand Prix Is A Thriller

22nd June 2012

Seven teams were on the starting grid for the seventh annual Green Power battery car challenge in the grounds of the Chatham and Clarendon Grammar Federation in Chatham Street, Ramsgate.

Competition was fierce but friendly as the specially-designed cars powered their way round the racing circuit in an endurance race, and later in a skills test.

The lead in the endurance race changed hands several times until St Peter’s juniors emerged race winners.
But Drapers Mills School in Margate were the overall winners for best average results in all categories – including the race, skills test, team presentation, design portfolio, greenest car and the teacher’s race.

Competition organiser Lester Edmeades said: “It is great to have a new overall winner this year – Drapers Mills has never taken the top prize and the team are deserved champs.
“Once again the high level of enthusiasm, dedication and support was astounding and all the competitors deserve a huge ‘well done’.

“Thanks also go to our excellent team of race marshals, time-keepers and track builders, and Ling Metals for supplying 1,000 tyres to help us create the circuit.”

 “We are looking forward to another great community event in 2013.”

Drapers Mill, 1st overall, 1st team presentation, 6th race, 4th Skills.
Minster, 2nd overall, 1st portfolio, 1st Greenest car. 4th in race. 5th skills
Minterne, 5th in race, 2nd driving skills. 1st teacher race.
Upton 2nd driving skills, 7th in the race.
St Nicholas, 3rd overall, 1st driving Skills, 2nd in the race.
St Peters, 1st Race, 1st bodywork, 6th in driving skills.
Hampton, 3rd in race, 3rd in skills.

RACE NOTE: The competition began following the success of  Chatham House in the national green power battery car championships over the last ten years when they have been in the top ten in the UK consistently.
A build-a-car project was launched as part of the Chatham House science and technology link with junior schools, and the junior kit car grand prix flourished

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