Garsington Opera Company Workshop

12th October 2016

On Thursday the 6th of October a number of our students took part in a workshop with Garsington Opera Company. The day began with lots of drama games, which helped everyone to work together as a group. It helped them to get in sync with each other and served as a warm up for the later events of the workshop. Then, students were taught a composition by Tchaikovsky; they wrote lyrics with a new melody line in order to fit with his opera plot line. After this, they choreographed a routine to fit this music which also involved adding scenery and the story. To end the day, they performed their work in front of a music class.

Those who took part said that it was a great and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Through the workshop they learned a range of helpful vocal exercises to help singers, especially opera singers. This was all conducted by two professional opera singers, who one of the participants described as ‘amazing’.

Peter Clapham

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