Ravi Shankar K Ghowry

14th September 2016

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Ravi Ghowry, ex-student and ex-member of staff passed away on Sunday 11th September aged 30 years.

Ravi Ghowry began Clarendon House 6th form in September 2002 after transferring from Simon Langton Boys, he studied Maths, Physics and Computing.  He quickly became a popular and valued member of the school.  He was involved in many activities and house events including school productions and the hockey team.  Mrs Liddicoat remembers Ravi from a visit to the school in December 2002 just before she started her job in January; he was delivering an assembly about the possibility that Santa could deliver all the Christmas presents in one evening! He presented a convincing argument which included, time differences, travelling at light speed and the physics behind it; needless to say, she was impressed with how smart and confident he was.  In Year 13 he was elected Deputy Head student.   I joined the school in September 2003 and began to teach Ravi in the second year of his Computing A Level, I very quickly realised that Ravi knew far more than I did about computing.  Apart from issuing him with a textbook and a copy of the syllabus I can’t take any more credit for his grade A in computing.  Ravi continued to be a role model and leader in the 6th form.  Many staff will still remember the montage he put together for leavers day.

Ravi left the school in June 2005 after attaining AAB in his A levels and went off to study Aeronautical Engineering at Southampton University.  But when I say ‘left the school’ he didn’t really leave for long, as each summer holiday he came back to work in the schools ICT department.

Ravi was instrumental in moving Clarendon’s ICT use into the 21st century.  He provided valuable assistance for staff, he had an understanding of what staff required and how ICT could support their teaching.  Ravi converted all our VHS tapes to digital, set up CCTV systems, videoed and photographed events and improved the Audio/visual set ups in the classrooms.

After graduating from Southampton Ravi returned to work at Clarendon House and (as it was known then) ‘The Federation of Ramsgate Grammar schools’.  His skills also became invaluable at Chatham House  and he quickly built excellent relationships with many of the Chatham staff too.  The joining together of the two school brought many logistical ICT problems and again Ravi’s skills provided invaluable in this.  As well as all his ICT work he gave up many hours to help coach the hockey teams – Ravi was a pretty decent goal keeper himself.

Ravi had family ties to the Philippines -  his uncle is a head teacher of a school there.  While working here he began collecting the old computers and laptops that we could no longer use, refurbishing them and sending them to the school in the Philippines.   He continued with this work after leaving CCGS; sending computers to other Filipino schools as well.

Ravi finally properly left us in September 2011 to make full use of his engineering degree securing a position at the National Grid  - though I had tried many times to convince him to train as a physics teacher.  He kept in touch with many members of staff and has returned to the school on numerous occasions, joining the staff badminton club on Friday evenings, helping with hockey, school productions, to do photography for the school website and prospectus or just for a chat and a quick pint at the Hovelling Boat!

Ravi was an excellent student, an invaluable member of staff and a great friend.  He was generous, positive, funny, intelligent and kind.  I don’t know anyone who did not like Ravi.  We will all miss you.

Our thoughts and condolences are with his family.

Mr C McFarlane
Deputy Headteacher

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