Top A-Level Results at CCGS

24th August 2016

A Level students from Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School have achieved a fantastic set of exam results for the fifth year in a row. The overall pass rate was 98.5%, with 10% at A*, 26% at A*/A, 54% at A*- B and 77% at A*- C.
Headteacher Debra Liddicoat said, ‘I am incredibly proud of all our students and the hard work they have put in over the last two years to achieve these results, they are well deserved. I would like to thank staff for their dedication and continued support of students without which these results would not be possible’.

Special mention should go to the following students whose results are truly outstanding:

Ahsan Ashfaq 3A’s
Harvey Cawdron 2A* & 1A
Robert Cook 1A* 2A’s & 1B
Owen Crush 1A* & 2A’s
Kathryn Cutler Mackenzie 3A* & 1A
Elise Fenton 2A* & 1A
Jamie Fowler 1A* & 2A’s
Ashcaan Hajilou 1A* & 2A’s
Madison Hinchley 1A* & 2A’s
Phoebe McCarthy 3A’s
Thomas O’Hara 1A* & 2A’s
Angela Pelosi 2A* & 1A
Ethan Perry 1A* & 3A’s
Victoria Proctor 2A* & 1A
Michalina Siemiatkowska 1A* & 3A’s
James Weston 1A* 2A’s & 1B
Joseph Whelan 1A* & 2A’s
Thomas Wilkening 1A* & 3A’s

The majority of our students are taking up university places, studying a wide range of subjects, which reflects the school’s policy of offering the opportunity to study a broad spectrum of A Level subjects. We wish all our students every success in the future.

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