GCSE Progress 'Above average'

20th October 2016

The government have just released league tables based on the new measure that is to be used to assess a school's examination results.  'Progress 8' measures the difference between the starting point of students at a school and their GCSE results.  The Progress 8 score for CCGS was 0.2 which is classed as 'Above average'.  This puts CCGS above other local grammar schools.

Below are the full details of our results as reported in the summer.......


Year 11 Students at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School are celebrating a fantastic set of GCSE results, with an overall pass rate of 97% 5A* - C with English & Maths, with over 16% at A*, 47% at A*/A and 85% at A* - B. Headteacher Debra Liddicoat said, ‘students should be really proud of these amazing results, they are well deserved and the result of two years of hard work. Particularly pleasing are the 40 students (22%) who gained between 8 and 12 GCSE’s at A^ (A* with distinction), A* or A grades. Of the 40, the following deserve a special mention for their exceptional results’:

Joshua Attwell 1A^ & 10A*
Scarlett Bates 3A* & 8A’s
Noe Bathellier 5A*, 5A’s & 1B
Amber Butler 4A*’s, 6A’s & 1B
Bethia Carter 3A*’s, 7A’s & 1B
Joshua Curtis 7A*’s, 3A’s & 1B
Elliot Fox 1A^ & 10A*’s
Bhavya Giddaluru 8A*’s, 2A’s & 1B
Amaia Gonzales 8A*’s & 3A’s
Conor Gray  9A*’s & 2A’s
Rinah Hauptfleisch 2A*, 8A’s & 2B
Tiegan Hewitt 6A*’s & 5A’s
Charlotte Hughes 10A’s & 1B
Olivia Kay-Hill  6A*s and 5As
Alastair Manclark 10A*’s & 1A
Harrison Mogg-Walls 1A^, 9A*’s & 1B
Hal Mutton 1A^ & 10A*’s
Jathusa Peethamparam 1A^, 6A*’s & 5A’s
Morgain Reed 6A*’s & 5A’s
Jake Robinson 3A*’s & 7A’s
Shivay Sachdeva 5A*’s, 5A’s & 1B
Bethany Turner 5A*’s & 6A’s
Elena Venturelli 11A*’s & 1A
Matthew Warner 4A*, 6A’s & 1B
Megan Welch 3A*’s 7A’s & 1C
Olivia Wilson 4A* & 7A’s

We are looking forward to welcoming most of our students back into our Sixth Form to begin a wide range of A Level courses in September and wish all our students continued success in the future.

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